Scm Globe Essay

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I. Introduction
SCM Globe is a supply chain game designed to teach concepts in supply chain design, demand forecasting, resource allocation, and production planning by the use of illustrating how different supply chain designs produce different operating results and explore how to manage those results. The game is performed in a real-time setting that allows for helping to create a supply chain that meet customer demands for products with the lowest operating costs and lowest inventory levels. The simulation gives students an opportunity to design and manage the supply chain of stores that sell Crunch Candy and Just Born Candy. During the simulation experience, students create products, facilities, vehicles and routes while
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After creating the stores, vehicles and routes were created taking into consideration the frequency of deliveries, the size of the trucks and the delivery routes that assigned to the trucks. Below is the summary of weeks 3 through 10.
IV. Simulation Weeks 3 through 10
Week 3
What were the most common problems that occurred in your simulation and why? During week three, the problem that was most prevalent was running out of products. This occurred multiple times while running the simulation causing me to start to adjust things in an effort to get the system running consecutively for at least 20 days without breaking down. In order to resolve the problem, I first reduced the delay between vehicle departures and then increased the storage capacity. After manipulating the numbers, I was able to get the system running without a break for more than 20 days; although by increasing storage capacity this can cause a significant increase in cost incurred.
What are some of the relationships you see between the four supply chain objects (products, facilities, vehicles, and routes)? I noted that all four supply chain objects (products, facilities, vehicles, and routes) are interrelated and making an adjustment to one can cause a break in the supply chain link.
Week 4
What is the cost and amount of inventory that has built up in the supply chain?
During week

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