Scientific Articles On The Other Hand Essay example

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When reading a scientific article, there are many things that one should understand. While scientific articles might not always be easy to comprehend, they provide data and evidence based on what the study set out to find. They use different tests and methods to prove whether their hypothesis is correct or not. They are written around a study and are formatted in APA format. Lay articles on the other hand are a brief summary of a study. It reports the findings but does not have any evidence into why that finding is correct. Lay articles are easy to read and do not test anything. After reading a research article and a lay article that corresponded on the topic, one can easily identify the differences between the two. There are not many similarities except for the common main idea. In the paragraphs following, a lay article and a scientific article will be compared and contrasted showing the reader the differences between the two.
The lay article from the Huffington Post about red wine being the equivalent to one hour at the gym does not contain many things that a research article contains. There is no data or even a study done. The lay article reports on the research article stating its findings but also exaggerates the findings. Since there was no study done, the sample and population of interest cannot be found. Since they are reporting on a scientific article, the sample and population of interest should be the same, but it is not mentioned in the lay article. The lay…

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