School Start Later Research Paper

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Does Making School Start Later Really Make a Difference?
Many Americans today young and old have work or school commitments that require them to be awake and alert prior to 7:00 am. Because of the hectic schedules and time constraints of classes this could cause individuals to feel tired, moody or even doze off during important lectures. Studies have proven that young adults between the ages of fourteen and their early twenties could benefit a great deal from starting their school day later. Starting school later will allow students to get more sleep, result in higher performing students with better grades, and increase their alertness in class. The information I am about to discuss can have significant impact on your kids’ daily life as well your own affecting everything from school grades to overall mental and physical health. First, having the school day start later will allow kids to be fully rested. Adolescents are known for not getting enough sleep. The average amount of sleep that teenagers get is
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Sheri Hendrix, ESE director of Coral Springs Charter School stated “The biggest disadvantages of school starting later would be sports and activates offered right after school. Many schools do not have access to fields with lights, so practices must be finished before dark. Also, bussing always seems to be a huge concern with regards to the expenses into evening hours, traffic, etc. Lastly, a major disadvantage would be students not attending school. With an earlier start time they have their parents there to assist them to get up and go. However, with a later start time the accountability may not be there or they may find other things to do and not choose to attend school that day” (Hendrix). Some people argue that school should not start later because then school will end later, disrupting homework, family schedules, and the teaching of

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