School Is Becoming More Virtual By The Minute Essay

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Growing up it was all about chalkboards and dry erase boards. You would have to listen to the screeching of the chalk as it hit the green tinted boards or smell the chemicals emanating from the dry erase markers. That is how elementary school and most of my middle school was. However, once I got to eighth grade things started changing. Projection boards were being installed and new software was being used like Publisher and PowerPoint. Then high school happened and smart boards were being installed, and new software was being used to do homework like my math lab and e-science labs. School was becoming more virtual by the minute. Now here we are today, where I can basically do all my homework off my smartphone. Over the years technology has advanced to the point where school no longer has to be in person by any means. Technology has advanced so rapidly in the last decade and will only continue to do so. In the video Professor Saffo discusses the birth of advanced technology and even goes to say that in a few years robots will become a reality, and not in a small capacity but a rather large and dominating role. This supports the claim of how rapidly technology is advancing.
College at the University of Virginia was very old school and personal. Every class was done in person and all assignments were done on paper and handed in to the professor. That was amazing to me to see how the school was set in its old ways. I actually enjoyed the experience in every manner. Now I am…

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