School Boards And Superintendents And School Board Essay

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“School boards and Superintendents each have distinct roles, but they must be innovative and use common sense in all areas; however they must remember that it is all for the students.” This quote confirms that in order for students to compete they must be supported by a school district that is led by a Superintendent and School board that has the vision and know how to give students what they need to succeed. This is shown in a High School that Works report entitled Improving Schools Requires District Vision, District and State Support, and Principal Leadership. In a report from the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), they oversaw a study of 35 superintendents and school board leaders. The study found in order for a school district to be highly effective; it had to have a clear, focused mission with key beliefs and practices that lead to school improvement. Moreover, these districts had a school board that was focused on student improvement, and district leaders that allowed school leaders to focus on curriculum and instruction. Furthermore, the study found that the school board and superintendent must together develop a strategic vision that raises the bar for student achievement (Bottoms, G., & Schmidt-Davis, J., 2010). Ultimately the best way for me to push my vision forward; according to this study is to ensure that the “school board is involved in developing school improvement plans, and that they feel included in its implementation.” Moreover, the goal of…

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