Essay on School And Work Should Require Uniforms

1618 Words Oct 30th, 2015 null Page
School and work should require uniforms as their dress policy. Uniforms make a person look more professional. It can change the way a person stand and upholds themselves. Especially when being taught and used at a young age. Uniforms may be costly, but they can last for years if maintained correctly. It can also be used as hand-me-downs to save a couple more bucks. And most importantly, it’s a classic.
Uniforms are expensive. Children doesn’t know how to maintain their dress clothes. Children get lazy, it’s hard to breathe, won’t be maintained, and no pride to look good. They half-ass their appearance so long as they fulfill their quota of wearing the uniform for the day. Children doesn’t know how to take responsibility for things such as taking care of their uniform and their appearance. And the children cannot retain their individuality.
It is not a matter of it being too expensive. As a child, when children are taught to wear uniforms they are learning how to dress properly. They will know how to take care of their clothing, and it can be worn multiple times, Children will be children. They will play, get dirty, and be energetic, but they will be bound to learning how to take care of things related to nice dress clothes like their school uniforms.
For work, the company will send or give away it’s uniform to the employee(s) especially the kind of uniform that require the company’s logo; such as Walgreens, CVS, and more. It can save money and time instead of wearing and…

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