Essay on Scheduling System For A School Day

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“If you don 't have time to read, you don 't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” ― Stephen King. A block schedule would be a solution for any school to change the way they organize their school day. It can change in the classes offered to select students, or include the extra-curricular activities that they will offer. They also will vary in the ways that they will schedule a school day. For example, they are able to choose the start and end times of the days, the time for each class periods, or they might even suggest a staggered schedule where you may take a class every other day. In choosing the type of scheduling system, they must understand the different classes that they offer and how the different system may help a class or create difficulty for the class. For most high schools, students will take a composition course in where they will learn how to correctly communicate in both speaking and writing. Communication is key in our society to succeed; therefore, a composition course is essential to teach to high school students. In deciding how to schedule classes during a school week, the school board must take in how a possible change to a block scheduling system might affect a composition course. A block schedule will be explained as what it is, how it creates advantages and disadvantages to how the schedule is laid out on a school day, and how it directly impacts composition courses.
What is a block schedule and how is it used in a high school…

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