San Pedro Research Paper

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San Pedro

What I wish I could be able to experience again for the first time would have to be able to go visit San Pedro for the first time. For instance, I loved sight-seeing looking at the beautiful blue ocean. Being able to do activities while visiting and enjoying it. Also, while being at San Pedro they have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. The ocean is beautiful on the eyes, but there are other various types of places to see.

The first reason I would like to experience again would be able to sight-seeing for the first time. First, we would watch the waves crash onto the beach making a wonderful yet powerful sound. There would also be a battleship built as a museum to see how a battleship operates. Furthermore, at night-life the whole peer would light up and would look so gorgeous under the night sky. Otherwise, I would love to relive that all over again for the first time. I was truly grateful to see the beach during the day, seeing that massive battleship, and to be able to see the peer at night for the first time.

The second reason would to do the following activities all over again. Such as, getting on this nice white boat around the size of a bus. This boat would sail us all around the entire beach. Also, San Pedro had a massive swapmeet which is like a flea market.
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For one, there was this Chinese restaurant that has amazing orange chicken and egg rolls truly delicious. It also had their seats outside so you can sit by the ocean and enjoy the view while eating. Additionally, there was this Mexican restaurant call Los Alertos which had these superb burritos that were beyond scrumptious. And, last but not least there is this seafood restaurant which had the best fired tilapia which was truly amazing with flavor with one bite it would make your mouth watery. Otherwise, the restaurants at San Pedro are to die for and are very delicious

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