Sample Resume : Oikos Yogurt Essay

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I have chosen to do my paper about Oikos Yogurt which tends to be a food I eat every day both for breakfasts and at night for desert. The typical serving size is typically one container and contains just over 120 calories for the entire serving of yogurt. I believe this a suitable serving size for a single serving of yogurt it provides my body with just enough food that I feel satisfied after eating it. My serving size for this food is just one cup of yogurt but the challenge for me is the flavors are so good thats its hard to eat just one. Looking into this food the macronutrient breakdown is 4 percent potassium, 6 percent carbohydrates, 15 percent calcium, and 24 percent protein in this yogurt. Surprisingly this little cup of yogurt has over 24 percent of a daily value of protein in it which is a lot in such a small form factor. The fat breakdown on this product says it has zero fat in trans fat, saturated fat, and total fats. There are 6g of dietary fiber in this yogurt which is just under 25 percent of your daily value of fiber which is intriguing that such a small cup of yogurt can have so many nutritional benefits to it. This product does have quite a substantial amount of fiber in it 1/4 of your daily value so it has a good boost in Fiber content. This food can be consumed as a snack after a meal for a nutrients boost or even as an add on item for a meal such as a breakfast to provide a non fat alternative to small side item to be enjoyed alongside a meal. In…

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