Sample Resume : My Internship My Freshman Year And What You Can Take Up Space On Your Resume

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Its no secret that internships are often the key to securing a job offer before graduation, but they aren 't so easy to get as a first year student.

Freshman are the rookies on campus who don 't have any experience or knowledge that can be applied to the real world.

However, that doesn 't mean that freshman shouldn 't look and apply for internships.

In this article, I am going to show you the steps I took to get my internship my freshman year and what you can do to get that internship

First, get involved on campus. Extracurriculars are the best way to fill up space on your resume. Also, they show that you do more than study and that you can balance studying with other activities. It takes much more work to receive good grades while actively being involved on campus. Additionally, employers like to see that your involved because it shows responsibility. Lots of clubs have leadership positions where you are in charge of a certain function for the club. Employers enjoy seeing students with leadership because that is a skill that they look for in every candidate. A range of extra curricular activities can help you to convince the prospective employer that you are the best candidate and just might raise you above the rest of the competition!

Second, pimp out that resume and create a LinkedIn. Your resume is basically the way you can get your foot in the door. It is the first impression the employer gets from you and it shows your skills, activities, work experience, awards,…

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