Essay on Sample Resume : ' Lemonade Day '

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The MGMT 1000 “Lemonade Day” that took place on Monday October 19th in the University Centre at the University of Guelph was a very interesting learning experience for students in the “Introduction to Business” course. It was an educational experience in many ways such as learning to work as a team, working with the public, learning personal responsibility and understanding how a business works. In that sense, the day was a success because it showed how much work and coordination goes into making a business prosper and showed the participants what qualities they need to develop to succeed in the business world. Preparation for the big day started two weeks earlier in the seminars, however, because of thanksgiving, one of the seminars was cancelled which proved to be an obstacle. Because there was not a specific date for everyone to meet, it was very difficult to coordinate all the different teams and work together. For example, the operations team decided that instead of using a spinner to hand out prizes, they would play beer pong with prizes written on the bottom of the cup. However, no one told the marketing team and they reported that there was a spinner for prize distribution. The different teams worked well individually, finding their own meeting times and discussing their designated jobs but when the separate teams had to coordinate together, thing got messy. Not all the teams had a leader resulting in difficulty communicating between teams. Therefore, in…

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