Sample Report On The Parking Lot Essay

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Exercise 1: Sampling

This group of vehicles I chose to sample was selected on September 21st, 2016. The parking lot these cars were chosen is located in Mansfield, Ohio, on Main Street, across from the Carousel, at 4:30pm.

Vehicle Type Maker Age Color State Parking Spot #
Sedan Honda 4-7 Green Ohio 32
Sedan Hyundai 0-3 Blue Ohio 56
Pick-up Chevy 0-3 Red Ohio 14
Coup Mini-Cooper 4-7 Green Ohio 9
SUV Ford 8+ Brown New York 61
SUV Toyota 0-3 Black Ohio 28
Sedan Dodge 4-7 Red Ohio 41
Sedan Ford 4-7 Brown Ohio 7
Pick-up GMC 0-3 Red Ohio 71
Van Ford 8+ Blue Ohio 48
Sample of Cars:

f=n/N f is the fractional relationship between n, or the cars that were chosen, and N, or the total amount of cars in the parking lot.

In this sample n=10, and N= 75. So, f=10/75, or f=0.13…


1. What kind of sample have you drawn from the population? That is, what is the sample design? For this sample, I used a Simple Random Sampling method. To do this I randomly chose ten parking spaces, by using a random number generator I found online. This generator gave random numbers between 1 and 75. Each of the parking spots was numbered, and the lot was full. The random number generator gave me the numbers 32, 56, 14, 9, 61, 28, 41, 7, 71, and 48. I then found the parking spots that corresponded to each of those numbers, and from that information created the table located above.

2. What is your sample n?

n is the amount of evidence that we have, or what we collected. In this…

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