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Fasco Oil and Gas. Statement of work for Project:
1. Background: Fasco Oil and Gas recently approved the designing of the company’s safety manual and also charged the project team with responsibility of conducting a training seminar for all level of staff, as part of its strategic plans to enhance a safe working environment. And also to stop the alarming rates of workplace accident happening in the organization presently. It is imperative that Fasco Oil and Gas utilize this safety Training seminar to build the safety consciousness as part of its organization culture. All new employees are mandated to attend two days safety training during their orientation.
2. Task: The task before the Project group is to designed a safety
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In managerial approach, project group will be purchase from outside vendors various safety materials like PPE materials, fire extinguishers, while the project team will do the installation of this materials .
5. Input Source. Some of the input source for this project is from the vendors and probably from the parent company.

Part 5.
Work Breakdown Structure for the Project:- FASCO OIL AND GAS SAFETY PROJECT

Personnel Table
Names Department Title
Dennis Dwight Research & Development Snr. Manager R&D Project Manager
Emmanuel Robot IT Computer Engineer Project Team lead
Briana Jones Marketing Marketing Executive Project Scheduler
David Ortega Accounting & Finance Account Supervisor Project Control Associate
John Daniel Human Resource HR Officer Project Control Associate

WBS. Process Modification Project: 1000
Deliverable 1 Feasibility study 1010
Work Package

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