Sample Letter For The Climate And Clean Air Program Essay

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I am writing to you because I want to provide my assistance to your organization by becoming the part of NRDC team. My areas of studies include biology and with chemistry support. I am the right candidate for the climate and clean air program, and international program because I am capable of connecting with the local and regional population effectively using both my knowledge and expertise, as well as my multicultural background. Also, my research experience at the fresh water science makes me an ideal candidate to understand the water contamination.
An example would be the contamination of the Ganges. The river of the Ganga is one of the largest rivers in India connecting eleven states, and is the fifth most polluted river in the world due to religious practices and cultural significance. The pollution of Ganga is not only affecting the local population around it, but it is also affecting fish populations of more than 140 the fish species, 90 amphibian species, and the endangered river dolphins of Ganga.
Currently, more than 500 liters of untreated raw industrial waste are dumped directly into the Ganga river each day, and with the expanding industrial growth, the pollution is only expected to double in coming years. The industrial waste contains toxic chemicals like heavy metals that are making the Ganga unsafe for human consumption and bathing purposes. Other harmful pollutants that are found in the Ganges are sewage waste, animal corpses, offerings to Ganga by the…

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