19th Century Air Pollution

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For the past nineteen years air pollution has played a significant role in today's society.
Before the nineteenth century factories was the center point of air pollution. Along with factories many years, chemtrails in our earthly sky have taken the position of factories. Both chemtrails and factories are known to pollute the air and cause multiple damages to the world. Not only does it cause damages they both play a role in harming many lives without seeing visible and theoretical evidence. During the early 1700s' inventions were being invented due to the era of industrialization. The era of industrialization led to the opening of many factories. Around that time, the industrial
Revolution was very focused on the use of coal. All the harmful gases that came from the factories entered the atmosphere that many people lived in. As a result it became very hard for people to live causing death. While creating such products, factories tend to release a large amount of carbon monoxide that
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Without knowing they can be both visible and invisible to the human vision. In any scenario whether they are visible or not they are two things that cause the rise of precautions. The affect and outcome of both of these lead to various of the same symptoms. For example, they there dangerous chemicals are known to cause lung cancer. A study from Harvard also shows that people began to get autism because of these harmful biological agents. Without our consent harmful and life threatening chemicals have been sprayed into out earthy sky. The bond between human and nature is being tortured because of harmful situations like these ones. Factories produce products to help us live when on the other hand chemtrails are sprayed to help reduce global warming. Both of these circumstances are helping our society theoretically, sociably, and economically. But, they have only done the opposite and it cannot be

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