Same Sex Parenting And Adoption Essay

1036 Words Oct 19th, 2015 null Page
Even though the topic of gay parenting receives a lot of negative feedback, it still continues to acquire many advocates that continue to fight for the cause. Recent studies at the University of Melbourne have proven the claim that the children of same-sex couples have an above average rate of health and overall well-being (Holliday). When children in same-sex parent families were tested on general health and family cohesion they scored roughly six percent higher than children of traditional heterosexual families. However, when the scores were compared between children of traditional and nontraditional families (when the tests involved categories of mood, behavior, mental health, emotional role, and self-esteem) the results were equivalent to each other with neither side scoring significantly higher. Although gay parenting and adoption is not widely accepted yet, the children currently involved in same-sex parent families have begun to speak out in support of their parents (“Children”). The sixteen year old daughter of a lesbian couple firmly stated her viewpoint about being raised in a nontraditional family when she told the press that she “has been and continues to be raised in a loving, nurturing, and supportive family” (“Children”). An estimated 100,000 kids linger in foster care centers around the United States. Same-sex couples are dominating a large portion of the population that hope to adopt, but still continue to face many obstacles on their quest to do so. Because…

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