Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

1982 Words Mar 31st, 2015 8 Pages
Everyone deserves the right to be with someone they love and, enjoy the rights other so enjoy. Same-sex marriage has been on the political and social radar over the past few years and is something to consider when advertising. Many chains use this issue in their advertising to either support same-sex marriage or oppose same sex marriage; using a variety of appeals to lure in consumers. Same-sex marriage is something that should be legal and for all to enjoy. However, there are groups out there that believe it is only between a man and a woman, which is what they constitute as marriage. Although one may agree with legalizing gay marriage under the appeals of Jib Fowles, marriage inequality having impacts upon a person’s health, discrimination, and sharing legal rights others enjoy according to the advertising appeals of curiosity, affiliation, and prominence it is important to extend this argument by addressing the discrepancies and logical fallacies of the opposing side in the emotional appeals used in their ads.

However, Some have always felt a desire to know more, an innate curiosity driven forth from the inner depths of their minds on a though provoking image, or an ad in this case. Speaking to the viewer of the ad, communicating that gay marriage is something that should be legal as inequality impacts people’s health. Appealing to the curiosity in Fowles view revolves around human beings being naturally curious and will investigate things if spurred on in the…

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