Same Sex Couples Should Be Legal Essays

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“Despite the claims of sociologists, politicians, and marriage advocates on all sides, marriage has changed over time and exists differently in different cultures.” –Laurie Essig and Lynn Owens
Theoretically speaking, history has painted such a perfect picture of what marriage is supposed to look like. It has made it out to be this wonderful commitment that is supposed to include but not be limited to, eternal happiness and love between two individuals, but most marriages don’t live up to those expectations that were set forth by previous generations. They all have different reasons for ending short but most seem to end because of a lack of happiness or physical passion that was previously there. As you have probably seen in recent news, many states are adding or changing laws to give individuals of the same sex a right to get married. This has sparked numerous controversies and many individuals question whether same sex couples should be allowed to get married. This question has ultimately derived from history and how previous marriages have shaped our outlook on it and basically painted an outline for us to follow. Happiness, love, care, and an unbreakable bond between two opposite gendered individuals has been a normality for us as beings basically since the start of mankind. With that being said, why should we stop two same gendered individuals who are happy together, love and care for each other, and seem to have an everlasting bond from getting married? We only seem…

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