Sam Dawson Is A Man With An Unspecified Developmental Disability

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Sam Dawson is a man with an unspecified developmental disability. He has the mental capacity of a seven year old yet he lives by himself and is able to hold down a minimum wage job at the local Starbucks. Sam became a father to a daughter which he named Lucy. Lucy’s mother fled after her birth so Sam was left to raise her by himself. The first days were hard and it was not until his neighbor, Annie, stepped into the parenting process to help Sam that things improved and moved along smoother. As Lucy ages, Sam is questioned on his capabilities to provide as a father. Lucy is eventually taken away from him and Sam must fight the judicial system with the help of friends to prove he can provide Lucy an adequate and secure home to grow up in. Throughout the film Sam faces hardships that push to define what he is capable of as an occupational being. The Ecology of Human Performance model and the Person Environment Occupation Performance model can be utilized to explain the occupational goals and activities Sam engages in and perseveres through.
Ecology of Human Performance Model The Ecology of Human Performance model was created by Winnie Dunn, Catana Brown, and Ann McGuigan (Lee, 2010). The EHP model embodies the person’s performance inside their contexts. Published in 1994, the model has been applied to many occupational settings and is used to create beneficial treatment plans for clients (Dunn, Brown, & McGuigan, 1994). The EHP model functions around the person, context,…

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