MOHO Approach Essay: The Model Of Human Occupation

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Introduction: The Model of Human Occupation is a commonly used model in occupational therapy practice. This model will be the focus of the paper and was chosen because it is a large aspect of occupational therapy. Although I have learned about this model in different classes, I wanted to learn more about it on my own to further understand about the use of it in practice. This being said, I chose a quantitative research article on MOHO. The article is survey-based and includes practicing occupational therapists.
The purpose of this article was to evaluate how practicing occupational therapists use MOHO. The article focused on two different assessments from MOHO, OCAIRS and MOHOST. Practicing occupational therapists were surveyed to
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This can be due to the fact that occupational therapists are not comfortable administering these assessments, and they do not have the previous experience or background knowledge of administering these. Also, some occupational therapists were administering an older version of the assessment, and this could be because they are not aware that there is a newer version. The findings show that it would be beneficial for occupational therapists to have more training on administering MOHO assessments in order to become more confident with them and administer them more frequently. It also shows that occupational therapists need to be refreshed on theories that relate to practice in order to utilize assessments such as …show more content…
This being said, the specific assessments evaluated in this article included MOHOST and OCAIRS. However, there were no specific occupational therapy interventions that were utilized. Reading this article allowed me to realize that two of the commonly used assessments for MOHO are MOHOST and OCAIRS. This article also helped me to see how MOHO is utilized in practice. Learning about MOHO in class is beneficial, but is hard to relate it to practice. I also learned that that there are different types of assessments from MOHO. Future research on this topic can help practicing occupational therapists become more educated on the use of MOHO assessments. It can also help them know when there are updated assessments, and learn any differences in the updated assessments. Future research will also help occupational therapists become aware of the issue of not properly using assessments in practice. Once occupational therapists are aware of this issue, it would be easier for them to correct it, making MOHO more known in practice.

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