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Sophie’s World

JosteinGaarder was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1952. His father was a headmaster and hismother was a teacher who also wrote children’s books. Gaarder went to the University of Oslo, where he studied Scandinavian languages and theology. In 1974 he married and began to write. In 1981 Gaarder moved to Bergen and began to teach high school philosophy, a career that he continued for eleven years. Gaarder’s early writings were contributions to philosophy and theology textbooks and in 1986 he published his first book,The Diagnosis and Other Stories. He then wrote two books for children before publishingThe Solitaire
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Sophie’s World is a Berkley Book / published by arrangement with Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Inc. Originally published in Norwegian under the title Sofiesverden, copyright © 1991 by H. Aschehoug& Co. (W. Nygaard), Oslo. Sophie Amundsen is fourteen years old when the book begins, living in Norway. One day, a letter comes to her mailbox that contains a few questions “Who are you?” “ Where does the world come from?” and then later that day she receives a strange post card sent to Hilde Moller Knag, care of Sophie. She does not know what is happening but she is sure that Hilde and the philosophy course must somehow be connected. The following day, Sophie receives a package comes with some typed pages discussing about what is philosophy? describing the ideas of a philosopher who dealt with the issues raised by so many questions. That day was the startof her strange correspondence course in philosophy. Although at first she does not know, later on Sophie learns that Alberto Knox is the name of the philosopher who is teaching her. He sends her packages via his dog Hermes. Alberto first tells Sophie that philosophy is extremely relevant to life and that if we do not question and ponder our very existence we are not really living. Then he proceeds to go through the history of western philosophy. Alberto teaches Sophie about the ancient myths that

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