Sales Standpoint, Sales Position, And Sales Management

As of recent there are some areas of concern region wide, not just within Central Tn. The areas of concern are from an operational standpoint, sales execution, and sales standpoint.
Each of you were hired to be an SM & ASM – I truly believe your position is the most important in the company because you are working with the front line sellers daily. Do you care about how you are viewed by your CW leadership? Do you care about how your sales team views you? Do you really and truly care about your job and your team?
I want to say you all do; DO NOT ever get too comfortable in your job. You have to treat each day as if it is the last day of the month, manage your time wisely, OWN your store; you need to know what is going on at all times, and LEAD
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That is part of their job; think about it, how many sports teams do you know that do not practice? For sales execution, WTR, and retail promise shops to get better you must practice with your team daily during downtime. If you do all this practicing without observing to make sure the reps are using what they practiced it has done absolutely no good. You must make sure they are following through with what you have practiced.

• Documentation: if you tell me “I am coaching” and you do not have any direct feedback to show that what am I supposed to think? Your team will never except coaching if you are not consistent with your feedback. Once they see you are going to hold them to what you expect they will start executing on whatever it is or they will be PIP’d out. Think about it, if the rep is saying they are not being coached or trained and there is no documentation to prove this, it is your word against
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I have seen some improvement with some locations and a decline in others. I am hearing well it’s slow, it’s slow, but yet and still, people that are eligible are coming in daily and we aren’t capitalizing on it! This must change immediately! If you have reps that will not sell it, then you have to. If they are not selling it and taking the training that we have given them they will not be here very long. Have you all reminded them what the #1 focus is? When me or Linda ask you to respond to something or perform a task, it has to be done. Why would you not adhere to it? When this is not being done, it is an embarrassment to me. It looks bad on me because I do not want Linda thinking I have a team of leaders that are not engaged. • Greetings: A few weeks ago, I communicated to the sales team that if any AT&T employee, myself, Linda, Dana, etc. were to be greeted like a customer upon entering your store. I shared with each of you that this was until further notice. It has been reported to me that this is not happening at all. All of you have shared that I am a great leader and I have helped you to grow, Well, is this how you show thanks to your leader by not executing on what she has asked. I ask you to walk in my shoes as you read this. How would you feel if your team ignored what you instructed them to

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