Miracle Magic Reflection

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The scenario is that I have a business that has been involved with eight business partners in which four ladies are my friends and the other four recently just joined the company. So at first the business had 4 business partners and currently they have eight in total now. The other four are men that just recently joined the business are my cousins that just recently came from Korea and France. The business is a beauty company called “Miracle Magic” which specializes in haircuts, manicures, spa, skincare treatment, and laser. We sell the skincare products on our official website as well, and we offer a full refund if the customers do not see results after using our products. We had this business running for about 9 months, and we all had a conference meeting at work discussing about implementing SAP …show more content…
The reason for our numerous amounts of customers was because we promoted about this on the social media and advertised about our specials. For instance, skincare treatment for one hour is only $65.00, thus the customers were impressed by how their skin looked afterwards and decided to book an appointment the next month. Since after the first 3 months, we were still busy until as of right now, so since we have been making profit based on the financial analysis that my cousin had created, we decided to implement the SAP. In addition, we decided to expand this company to West Hollywood. So we have two different locations, one is at Los Angeles, and the other is at West Hollywood. The other location is doing just as well as the one in Los Angeles, we also decided to hire six more employees so that way we can serve the customers on time and productively. Ultimately, the end users were all impressed with our products and customer service, we have not yet had any client complained about our

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