Running A Race Essay

1075 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Five runners are running a race. When the first runner crosses the finish line he is the victor and receives the gold medal, and, ideally, subsequent finishers get silver and bronze medals in the order they arrive. In today’s society there is a trend away from this age old practice of crowning a winner, now people receive awards and commendation for nothing more than showing up to a competition. Through a complex causal chain, not having a winner or loser, and rewarding participation is a key reason for the recent spike in the number of people receiving governmental aid. While this does not apply to everyone, it is a large number of people who receive aid. Teachers today teach children that they deserve awards for only participating, teenagers learn to do the least amount of work possible to pass, and sedentary adults believe that they deserve the benefits that hard working men and women receive. In a multitude of modern children’s sports, there is no winner or loser, there are only participants. This is due to the fear of offending someone who was not the best at the sport or game at that time. In the past, following a season of Little League baseball, the teams competed in a series of playoff games to crown a league winner for the season. People did away with this in the name of fairness. Though the idea that creating everyone equal in a competition is not fairness, it promotes a lack of drive. Having a winner teaches children the value of hard work and that…

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