Analysis: Should Student Athletes Be Paid

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I have many different arguments as to why the audience can believe in me when I tell them that I believe NCAA athletes should be paid. I can make many different valid points. I want the audience to honestly truly understands where I am coming from as a student athlete myself. As a student athlete each and every day I devote hours and hours of my time to my school. We as Purdue North Central Panthers have to have minimum of 30 hours in for our athletic training and another 30 hours in for our school. This is a free 60 hours of basically community service.
On top of these hours, we being student athletes need to sell 30 ten dollar donation cards. This means that our school making an easy 300 dollars off of us( the student athletes). As well as that, each fall game I would notice roughly 200 people attending our games, and at 5 dollars a ticket, and 20 games a season, that money adds up. Where is it going? The answer is to the school, and not to the athletic department. I, as a student athlete, put in
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I could not imagine playing for a bigger school like a state school when you have front row seats going for 3000 dollars and over 50000 each paying a good amount for whatever sport it may be basketball, soccer, baseball, football. It doesn’t matter the bottom line is you have big time presses and news media and organizations pushing for student athletes to get paid. Some make the argument why pay them when they have a full ride for school. Yes we understand that but what about some of the poorer kids that cant afford the gas to get to the practices or for there kid back home but are trying to better themselves to get an education. What about the new clothes they need, or the food they eat. All of these things add up and if the university is making multiple millions of dollars a year then why is it they cant give the 12 student athletes on a basketball team 500 dollars a semester extra for

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