Rti Process Of A School Essay example

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RTI Process
The RTI process of a school begin with high-quality instruction in a general education classroom. When a student needs additional intervention for some studying areas, the school will arrange a test to that student. If the student still fails of the test, the school will do some interventions. The student’ parents need to come to school to discuss with school how to do the interventions to the student. Then the struggling student will be provided interventions to increase his or her study ability and achieve the normal learning goal. The whole RTI process will be done with multiple persons, included general teachers, special education teachers, and other specialists. The total time of RTI process for the student will be determined by the responses of the student. The RTI process can be applied to all students even if a student is learning well (“Response to intervention”, 2016; RTI action network, 2016).
IEP Process
The IEP process, which is also called individualized Education program, is a written document that developed for public school students who are eligible for special education. Before the IEP document is written, IEP process will begin with Pre-Referral interventions, then referral interventions for special education services will be launched. Referral can be participated with lots of people such as parents, social workers, teachers, and doctors. The next step is Identification which is to make sure that the student needs to be treated with special…

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