Romeo and Juliet: Who Was at Fault Essay

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“Actions are the seed of fate deeds grow into destiny.” (U.S. President Harry S. Truman)
Omnipresent, whether for better or worse, fate is perpetually presiding over our lives, this notion acknowledged particularly in works of literature, specifically in Shakespearean plays. Considered by some illogical, fate is a highly controversial topic, defying both reason and rationality. Yet, precisely, how is fate derived? Is it really just chance pulling the strings? Does one possess no input to his/her own life? I think not.
Upon closer investigation, one’s fate is determined not only by fortuity, but also as a result of one’s own actions. Both fate and one’s own accord are key elements that correlate to a specific occurrence or chain of
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That seems rather irrational. Could the duo not have postponed any thoughts of matrimony after familiarizing each other’s dispositions, rather than judging based on appearances, which may be deceptive? Marriage is not as beatific as in fairy tales. For instance, in the novel, Flipped, a main character, Bryce, possessed parents that had gotten along fine until recently, when they began to quarrel much more often than not. His mother (and the rest of their family) realized that Bryce’s father was not as virtuous as he seemed to be. After all, marriage could reveal much about a person’s true attributes and motives. As a matter of fact, Romeo and Juliet may not have even chosen to pursue each other after being acquainted with each other, which would have prevented the reason for their tragic demises. Similarly, in Act 3, scene 2, Romeo was romancing Juliet at her father’s banquet prior to wooing her on her balcony. The moment that he had laid eyes on her, a lust-filled passion sparked within, and he completely forgot about all else, including his friends and former unrequited love (that he had shed many tears for) . His lingering desire for Juliet was so intense that he had to kiss her upon approaching her for the first time, and later that evening, he scaled the wall of her parents’ property just to catch a glimpse of his “one true love.” Was Romeo in such desperate yearning for

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