Romeo And Juliet Dbq Analysis

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For starters, Lord and Lady Capulet are the parents of Juliet and another obstacle in the way of Romeo and Juliet’s love. Lord Capulet starts off being considerate of his daughter’s feelings towards who she marries, “My will to her consent is but a part..”(Doc D- A1,S2) , before becoming more aggressive and unsympathetic of her feelings, “To go with Paris to Saint Peter’s Church,Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither.” (Doc D- A3,S5) The change of Lord Capulet’s temperament takes place after Juliet consummates her secret marriage with Romeo because he thinks she’s ungrateful of his actions to make her happy but the truth is Romeo had already made her happy and she knew Paris couldn’t make her feel the same. “....He shall not make me there a joyful bride..” (Doc D- A3,S5). Juliet tries to explain her feelings about the arrange marriage to both her …show more content…
“What,lamb?...What,Juliet?”- Nurse (Doc B-A1,S3). Juliet parents view her as a child in the time she needs them to listen to her as an adult and because of their refusal to do so she has to take drastic measures in order to ensure her arranged marriage to Paris is canceled. “ ...Unless thou tell me how I may prevent it..”-Juliet (Doc C-A4,S1) This is a line in Romeo and Juliet when Juliet is begging Friar Lawrence for a way out of her marriage with Paris, which leads to her following the plan to fake her death of which a misunderstanding is created leading to Romeo and her’s death. Lord and Lady Capulet were the ones who refused to listen, to understand and as a result became apart of the lovers’ death because if they hadn’t tried to force her to be happy by demanding her to marry Paris, she wouldn’t have gone to Friar Lawrence to find a way out and she wouldn’t had been as eager for any possible method without consulting the consequences. need

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