The Influence Of Parents In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Children are always greatly influenced by their parents and therefore any mistakes made by their parents affects the child negatively. In the case of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the children’s parents and advisory adult characters are what contribute to their tragic demise. One of the most prominent influences in the play is Friar Laurence. He plays one of the most vital roles in orchestrating a plan that eventually leads Romeo and Juliet to their deaths. Juliet’s parents are to be blamed for Romeo and Juliet’s tragic ending. Finally, Juliet’s beloved Nurse is an important character who heavily influences Juliet’s decisions and emotions. Ultimately, Romeo and Juliet are children and therefore are not responsible for their deaths. …show more content…
The Montague versus Capulet feud is an ongoing theme in the play that eventually leads to Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. There is tension between the Capulet and Montague families throughout the play that evolves much more violently. Tybalt is a constant aggressor from the Capulet side of the feud, who will never turn down a chance to initiate or partake in a Capulet versus Montague altercation. The development of the Montague versus Capulet vendetta is what leads Tybalt to fight Romeo. Tybalt is “slain by young Romeo” (3. 1. 144) in the end. Romeo desperately wants to see Tybalt as family, but their families’ influence and the ongoing feud lead to Tybalt’s unnecessary death. Romeo is also banished in response to Tybalt’s murder, which affects he and Juliet emotionally. The Capulets never take the time to understand Juliet. This is most prominent when the Capulets force Juliet into an unwanted marriage with Paris: “Hang thee young baggage! Disobedient wretch! I tell thee what, get thee to church o’ Thursday. […] My fingers itch.”” (3. 5. 160-164) Capulet, by forcing Juliet to marry Paris, practically throws her into hysteria and not only causes her immense sadness, but also puts her in danger and leads her to suicide. Juliet is not used to seeing her father so aggressive and …show more content…
The first mistake the Nurse makes is helping Juliet marry Romeo in secret. The Nurse, to some extent, encourages Juliet to marry Romeo, knowing neither Romeo nor Juliet have parental permission. She even passes on the message of the proposal from Romeo to Juliet: “[Hie] you hence to Friar Laurence’ cell, There stays a husband to make you a wife.” (2. 5. 68-69) Most of what happens after Romeo and Juliet’s marriage is one big downward spiral that does not end until the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Had the Nurse refused to help Juliet in the beginning she would have prevented everything else that happened afterwards, including the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. After Juliet’s parents declare Juliet’s forced marriage, Juliet turns to the one person who would understand her situation and who would give her the guidance and counsel she needs. Instead the Nurse gives her exactly what she does not want to hear: “I think it best you married with the County. O, he’s a lovely gentleman! Romeo’s a dishclout to him.” (3. 5. 218-220) This pushes Juliet even further into instability because now she truly feelsalone. The one person Juliet has always confided in has turned on her, and betrayed her by siding with her parents. This is the last straw before Juliet turns to the Friar’s practically suicidal plan that does literally

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