Why Did Romeo And Juliet Kill Themselves Essay

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Romeo and Juliet kill themselves, but who was responsible for the tragedy of their deaths? It was the Capulet’s responsibility for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The Capulet’s were to blame because they were unsupportive, selfish, and unsympathetic. Capulet tells her that she is a “young baggage! Disobedient wretch! / [He] tell thee what: get thee to church o’ Thursday. / Or never after look [at him] in the face. / Wife, we scarce thought us blest / That God had lent us but this only child. / And that we have a curse in having her” (3.5.160-162.164-165.167). Although Juliet is their first and last child, Capulet does not listen to her feelings or concerns. Capulet is unsupportive of Juliet’s wishes which she is unhappy about. If he hadn’t …show more content…
/ Do as thou wilt, for [she is] done with thee” (3.5.203-204). This shows that Lady Capulet stops showing interests to Juliet and what she really wants. By ignoring Juliet’s desires, she wouldn’t take her feelings into consideration. If she had listened, then Juliet wouldn’t plan to fake her own death to be with her true love, Romeo. Then the Nurse tells her that “Romeo is banished, and all the world to nothing / That he dares ne’er come back to challenge you. / [She thinks it’s] best [she] married the county. / [Her] first is dead, or ‘twere as good he were, / As living here and you no use of him” (3.5.214-215.218.225-226). The Nurse is part of the Capulet family and she knew Juliet since she was just a baby. The Nurse knows how much Juliet loves Romeo, the Capulet’s enemy. She helped Juliet and Romeo get married and send messages to each other. If the Nurse helped Juliet to forget about Romeo and tried to figure out another strategy, it wouldn’t have ended Romeo’s and Juliet’s lives. In conclusion, the Capulet’s were responsible for the tragedy of Romeo’s and Juliet’s death. They were unsupportive, selfish, and unsympathetic. If the Capulet’s been supportive and helped Juliet, then there wouldn’t be any

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