Rome, The Etruscan Kingdom Of Rome Essay example

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The story of Rome begins with not Rome but the parent nation of Rome, the Etruscan kingdom. The Etruscans were in central western Italy and became a leading power in Italy in the 6th century who conquered territory down the western coast of Italy and eventually expanded up the Po river to the north. It is also notable that the Etruscans entered into conflict with the Greeks and allied with Carthage Rome 's future rival. The Etruscans kingdom did decline as the Celts began invading and settling along the Po river, this allowed a rebellion in the south of the kingdom to be successful, the rebellion of the Latin League. The Latin League centered at where the river Tiber met the Mediterranean sea, and they were a loose confederation of cities that banded together for their mutual defence; but did occasionally wage war with each other. A code of honor in the Latin League was that war may be waged to depose a monarch or to prove a point, but a member is not to annex another city, Rome defied this rule when they annexed Veii. Unexpectedly a group of marauding Gallic tribesmen sacked Rome soon after they took Veii, regardless once Rome recovered they continued their fight against other cities of the Latin league. It was not until Rome declared that it and the Latin league were equals, that the Latin war broke out, the war lasted 2 years and Rome made short work of the league. Rome was now undisputed master of central Italy and began expanding both to the north and the south. The…

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