Decline Of The Roman Empire

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The influential and dominant Roman Empire fell due to overexpansion which led to the Empire being split and created vulnerability among the Empire. When Romulus Augustus died, the Roman Empire lost sight of their polytheistic and slave driven society, which lead to disagreement of right and wrong amidst the people. After Romulus Augustus no one man was able to govern the whole Roman Empire, this forced Diocletian to divide Rome into two Empires, the Western and Eastern Empire. Once Rome had lost their dominant ruler, they became vulnerable and weak to outside attacks, this lead to a decline in trade and overall income which made it impossible for the Empire to survive. The prosperous Roman Empire was founded in 27 BC, but after grueling outside …show more content…
Once the Roman Empire broke away from the Republic, the government became corrupt because powerful men could kill their way to power or weak men could inherit the throne. For Centuries this worked and exceptional leaders took power but eventually this dictatorship ran government became very corrupt because people who weren’t suited to run an Empire such as Rome’s could come to power by being offspring of a powerful ruler. If someone were wealthy they could hire mercenaries and take over the throne which didn’t lead to satisfactory Roman leaders. The Roman Empire became very poorly operated towards the end of the unified reign. Although the Roman Empire had many excellent emperors, they would eventually come across a ruler who was very weak but he was able to come to power because he was apart of the family chain. This could also allow rulers that adored warfare and this could result in Roman people constantly being in battle. The weakened dictatorship also lead to disagreement among the Senate and the emperor. Since the emperor has complete power, the Senate wasn’t able to overrule him. The created many problems because if the emperor didn’t know how to finance the Empire or know military strategies the Senate wasn’t able to help him. The Roman Empire would always encounter predicaments because every Empire wants to be at the top and to be at the top, they had to defeat the Empire at the top and that Empire at the top was Rome. For a long period of time the Roman Empire was the most powerful Empire the whole known world. This created a power surge for other Empires trying to rise against Rome and this created the need for the Roman Empire to be militarily educated. If the emperor wasn’t educated in these categories the only result would be the fall of the Roman Empire. The Senate

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