Compare And Contrast The Roman Empire And The Han Dynasty

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The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty of China are considered to be the greatest civilizations of the ancient world. The Roman Empire lasted from 27BCE to 476CE and the Han Dynasty lasted from 206BCE to 220CE. The Romans and Han still contribute to our modern day society through the technological and political philosophies they made. Both the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty rose to power through strong leadership, which allowed the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty to overcome their rivals becoming the dominant powers in their respective regions, however; the fall of both nations were significantly different in regards to outsider invaders and the potential recovery. The founding leaders of the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty both Liu Bang(Han …show more content…
The Roman Empire was unable to stop the barbarians from moving into its borders causing the end of the Empire while the Han Dynasty was unable to keep the local warlords happy to the point where they all try to make countries of their own ending the Han Dynasty. .The Roman Empire had gradually been losing power to the Huns and other barbarian tribes like the Visigoths to the point where Rome was sacked in in 410 causing the western part of the Roman empire to be on the brink of collapse until the final blow was struck when a revolt killed the final emperor of the Western Roman Empire. The Han Dynasty unlike the Roman Empire was actually able to fight off outsider invaders for example the ancestors of Attila the Hun actually paid tribute to the Han Dynasty, however; The Han Dynasty was unable to keep control of itself internally as rich warlords slowly gained more power and peasant revolts deteriorated the Han Dynasty’s resources. The Han Dynasty finally fell when the son of a warlord usurped the throne causing the war of the three

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