Roles Of Women During The Iliad And The Odyssey Essay

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The Roles of Women in The Iliad and The Odyssey
As the world has evolved, women have held many different roles in a male dominated society. Men have been held at a higher rank than women since the dawn of time. In Homer’s heroic poems, the readers can clearly identify how women can be perceived. In the Iliad, women were seen merely as an object of possession that played a relatively significant role to the story. Whereas in the Odyssey, women were seen in their own light and played a key role in the epic.
The Iliad provides plenty of examples how women can be viewed as property. This heroic poem starts out with a quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon over Briseis, who was thought to be a victor’s souvenir of war. When the Greeks raided an affiliated town of the Trojans, they carried back spoils of the invasion and split it amongst the soldiers uniformly. Agamemnon’s reward was Chryseis, who was the daughter of priest for the god Apollo. Achilles’ reward was a young woman named Briseis who was the wife of Brisseus, king of Lelegs. Chryseis and Briseis were both taken captive against their will. Thankfully for Chryseis, her father prayed to Apollo that the Greeks would release his daughter and that they would be punished. Chryses even offered treasures as a ransom for his daughter. Agamemnon was displeased and told him “Don’t let me ever catch you, old man, by these ships again, skulking around now or sneaking back later. The god’s staff and ribbons won’t save you next…

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