Roles And Responsibilities Of Teachers In Lifelong Learning

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The responsibilities of the teachers have to be apportioned correctly ensuring all learners feel valued as individuals whilst they are in education as there are many pressures each learner may face such as; pressures of work, necessity of the individual, willingness of the learners or through tyranny (Employers pressures) Boundaries are present in many forms and at times can be quite complex; from age, confidence, learning styles, culture, physical ability, financial and emotional needs, (Petty, 2004) early recognition is paramount. Through the teacher’s ability, knowledge, experience and initial assessments, working with learners closely and giving the guidance and support required, boundaries can be overcome or points of reference provided to allow the participants to gain a better understanding. Where help is required the teacher must remain professional yet impartial to avoid complications and still allowing the learner to fully …show more content…
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