Roles And Responsibilities Of An Educational Assistant Essay

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Educational Assistant Interview

The purpose of this essay is to learn and better understand the roles and responsibilities of an Educational Assistant in a classroom setting. I inquired and discussed various aspects of her day to day experiences. The E.A. has worked for ten years, in the Special Education Class, at Jacob Hespeler Secondary School, in Cambridge, Ontario(1).
We discussed what tools and learning strategies are being implemented in their classroom. The EA said that they use different strategies and approaches to better execute the lessons, and promote a helping/caring environment. They are computers in the classroom that are available to all students. Some of the grade nine students are given their own chrome books. One of the computer programs they use is Kurzweil Dragon, which is an adaptive technology resources site that supports Universal design for learning (2) (3). The class uses pic symbols and sign language to help communicate. Every day, in the morning, they meet in a circle and take turns discussing things such as what they had for supper or anything that happened the night before. They also do journal writing in their communication book, answering the question of the day. An example would be, “I like snow because”? The staff creates a new question every day and they are to provide a two sentence answer. Some students require one to one assistance, some needing hand over hand, while others are able to do this independently. The EA is there…

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