Roles And Duties Of A Nurse Manager Essay

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A Nurse Manager Nurse managers work in different settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory clinics, home health agencies, hospice care facilities, etc. The nature of the work depends on the setting in which they work. Apart from taking care of the paperwork and documentation, nurse managers ensure that the staff nurses are providing quality patient care by following evidence-based guidelines as well as facility outlined policies and procedures. Nurse managers and leaders have an important role to play in empowering nurses to transform patient care by providing high quality care that is tailored to individual patient needs (McSherry, Pearce, Grimwood, & McSherry, 2012). The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of a nurse manager’s interview with emphasis on interesting and useful information within. This paper will also discuss the specific role and duties of a nurse manager and provide the author’s perspective on this. Finally, the author will provide his thoughts and evidence-based suggestions for a nurse manager in this role.
Summary of an Interview A nurse manager working on a rehabilitation unit in a skilled nursing facility was approached and interviewed by the author. She had been in this position for last four months. She had a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree and denied having any other certification or credentials. She had been a nurse for 19 years and did not hold any managerial position in the past. Since this was her first job as…

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