Essay on Role Of The Father Adolescent Relationship

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Risch, Sharon C et al. (2004). Role of the father-adolescent relationship in shaping adolescents’ attitudes toward divorce.

The quality of father-adolescent relationships, especially for nontraditional fathers, has been neglected in investigating adolescents’ beliefs. Closeness of father-adolescent relationships was examined as a predictor of adolescents’ attitudes toward divorce. Boys who felt close to their biological custodial fathers, biological non custodial fathers, and stepfathers felt less likely to divorce in the future than boys who did not feel close to their fathers. The same was not true for girls. Feeling close to a father—regardless of father type—is associated with boys’ confidence in the stability of their future marriages. Fathers also socialize their children to behave and think in particular ways that may later influence their expectations about intimacy and marriage. For instance, fathers who teach their children that divorce is negative are likely to raise adolescents who also view divorce negatively. Adolescents whose parents are nurturing and involved in their lives are likely to exhibit behaviors that are warm, supportive, and low in hostility in their romantic relationships over time. In turn, these competent behaviors are positively related to relationship quality in adolescents ' romantic relationships.

Day, Randal D et al. (2005). Incarcerated fathers returning home to children and families: introduction to the special issue and a primer on…

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