Role Of The Airplane During Operation Desert Storm On The Late 1900 ' S

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In a brilliant show of how far airplane’s advancements had come, fighting during Operation Desert Storm, an operation against Iraq, lasted just over a month. On January 16, 1991 Desert Storm officially began.
“Within 10 days of offensive operations, air sorties reached the 10,000 mark. The coalition 's intensive airpower had crippled or destroyed Iraq 's nuclear, biological and chemical weapons development programs, its air defenses, its offensive air and ballistic missile capability, and its internal state control mechanisms (Air Force Fact Sheets, 2014).”
By strategically targeting and eliminating “key Iraqi military targets such as heavily-fortified command and communications centers, missile launch sites, radar facilities, and airports and runways(Air Force Fact Sheets, 2014)” the allied coalition was able to make Suddam Hussein’s ability to wage any sort of war impossible. From the Great War in the early 1900’s to Operation Desert Storm in the late 1900’s, the evolution and roles of the airplane changed. The passive reconnaissance role evolved into an aggressive aerial force that could lay waste to a nation in days or assist many in humanitarian needs. However, this was not the only thing that changed.
Throughout the years aerial tactics have evolved to attain dominance in the war field. With the invention of the airplane, tactics like aerial reconnaissance, quick and mobile ground support, air superiority, and strategic bombing became common place on the field of…

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