Role Of Technology In Customer Service Industry

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“While the times have changed and business has become more efficient and optimized, a decade later we all have a different perspective of what it means to be a service leader but remain aware of how important an interaction with a customer can be (Wolcott).” Customer service is an always-changing industry but the main objective stays the same. Technology plays a major role in the customer service industry. Before social media became a big part of customer’s lives the customer service industry was your basic call center with representatives giving help or addressing issues. Now with social media and an advance in technology the industry has evolved into more then the basic call center. Social media now gives customers a public way to express …show more content…
This type of communication is most effective when dealing with customer’s issues or complaints. When a customer address an issue in person you can tell their attitude and nothing can be misinterpreted. Things are also more personal if you are face to face dealing with issues. The customer might feel a little more appreciated and feel like their complaint is being taken serious. The second type is phone communications. As technology advances more and more customer service centers are becoming call centers. Customers can call into a hotline, wait to be transferred, and then someone deals with their complaints or issues all over the phone. This method works best when the customer’s issue is something simple. For example, a call center for United Parcel Service the customer could call in and request an address change, or an estimated time of arrival. If their issue is larger then dealing with it over the phone might become more complicated. Unfortunately, this has become most of the means of communications between customers and customer service departments. There are positives and negatives in this but the customer service department has to strive to make it convenient and accomplish the customer’s request even though they never come face to face with them. The last type of communication is written communications, either by email, letters, or social media. This type of communication is growing rapidly. This is the slowest type of communications because nothing is instant. While on the phone or in person usually things get addressed then and there and you know what’s going to happen. When writing emails or letters it slows the process down and you have to wait to find the outcome. It is important to incorporate all three types of communications into a business customer service department because it will help give the department more diversity and function better

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