Role Of Public Health Dietitiand

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There are a wide variety of roles in New Zealand’s health sector. Increasingly, there is a greater emphasis on the public health sector and on a population health approach. This report covers the role of public health dietitians including what they do, where they work, who they work with, the health issues they address. It explains how public health dietitians contribute to improved health outcomes and their importance in the future in New Zealand’s Health System.

Public Health Dietitian is an example of an allied health care role in New Zealand (NZ) today. As a public health worker, they work with communities or groups of people instead of individual client. Their job is to promote public health and better nutrition in the community (Careers
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They work with health professionals like doctors and nurses. They also work with non-health professionals, like the food industry to make healthier food choices more available, and teachers in schools to educate school communities about nutrition, diet and healthy lifestyle (Careers NZ, 2016). They can be part of a multi-disciplinary team that implements healthy eating programmes in communities. As part of the allied health care workforce in a population health role, public health dietitians work collaboratively across sectors, like health and education (Careers NZ, …show more content…
Public Health Dietitians’ work in Project Energizer include encouraging consumptions of food and vegetables, advocating for increase in availability of healthier food choices and providing consistent nutritional messages to the school community (Waikato DHB, 2016). By working with school communities through public health programmes like Project Energizer, public health dietitians are helping to improve New Zealander’s health outcome through tackling childhood obesity. Childhood obesity increases risk of obesity in adulthood and risk of developing diabetes and CVD. Public health dietitians work in health promotion and provide dietetics expertise to school communities, working with teachers and school tuckshops to reduce childhood obesity and improve children’s nutrition (Barnfather,

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