Role Of Information On Consumer Attitudes Toward Food Technology

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1. Introduction The purpose of this study is to understand what is the role of information affect consumer attitudes toward food technology. In other words, how will information perceived by consumers that affects their attitudes about food technologies. According to an economic theory, food consumers’ buying behaviors are driven by their tastes and attitudes toward product 's different attributes. Both economists and social psychologists have pointed out the important role of information in attitude formation, especially when the attribute is not easily verifiable.( Darren Hudson, 2005) When a new food technology comes to the marketplace, it is likely to induce many consumer to search detail information about this particular food technology. Food Technology is about the food science which deals with the production processes that make human foods. For example, using microwave technology ,air fry technology while cooking food in restaurant. Developments in food technology have also contributed a lot to the food supply, create a new level of living standard, eventually have changed our world. By utilizing certain innovative methods of foods producing, processing and logistic, such as organic production, biotechnology, free-drying, irradiation, company can safely deliver fresh food with the original tastes and smells to your front door in a short period of time, and cook the food in the way it tastes best. Historically, consumer attitude towards food…

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