Tesco Hr Policies Essay

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has changed their business over thepast few years because they were getting too big .so they got smart and they got a different variations of tesco which are:
• Extra with 250,000 products
• Metro 50,00 products
• Express 25,000
• Original Tesco with 100,000

Basically what are they doing is expanding their selves for a different types of stores. So they are able to build different shop in more places to gain more profit by having more customers.

Tesco’s geographical structure areas are: the UK, Rest of Europe and Asia.

Human resources Responsibilities and Functions
Human resources director It is to co-ordinate all the staff .The HR director has an overall control of personnel. Which means that he control everything and everyone in
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Then he decide who capable to move to the next step which is interview and eventually get this job.
Training development officer Training development officer is responsible for the right training for the staff working in Tesco
Health and safety officer The responsibility is to prevent accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses in the Tesco.
Security officer To patrol Tesco and to monitor surveillance equipment, their responsibility could also be inspecting Tesco, equipment, and access points; permitting entry e.g. observe the customers if through the cameras to see if they are doing anything dangerous to Tesco products like purring some dangerous liquids to a products.
HR administrative assistants Administrate level of staff to see if there is enough staff needed to complete tasks.

Financial director FD Direct control finance to ensure that money are not loosed and that money are divided equally in department areas. So they carry out their responsibilities as best as possible. Basically the finance director manage the overall finance policy of
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to ensure Tesco website is working smoothly. It’s responsibility is also to ensure that IT staff is working efficient.
Office manager Maintaining office system and supervisor the staff e.g. ensure that everyone is working on the right speed or if everyone is coming to work on time.
Chief security officer A CSO ensure that an organization's security function gives a competitive advantage i.e. adds value to Tesco. It is reasonable for the security and advertising staff.
Reprographics supervisor Responsible for all the Reprographics e.g. printing documents.
Administration assistant Ensure that Tesco is well organised by making sure that day-to-day office tasks run smoothly.
Cleaning staff Ensure that Tesco is well cleaned to encourage more customers to come to Tesco.
Maintenance staff Responsible for routine maintenance work for Tesco to look better to encourage clients to shop at Tesco.
Security Responsible to patrol Tesco to make sure nothing is stolen for Tesco to not lose their profit of this stolen product.

Customer Service
Customer service manager Responsible for overall customer service staff by e.g. checking the rates given by customers on Tesco website to see if their staff are providing the best customers

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