Robots In The Workplace

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The workforce today is a tricky business. More and more jobs are being “offshored” or moving to another country for a multitude of reasons. Companies can pay cheaper for less skilled workers. Some jobs don’t need skilled workers so it’s easier to relocate and pay less. It’s a simple solution, paying workers less and still getting income means more profit. This means less business in the U.S.. This is leading people to jobs that are “untouchable”. U.S. workers might be surprised though, because there are more opportunities for work than one might think(Judy, D’amico). “Untouchables” are jobs that can’t be exported or replaced because they require a person to be physically present during that job. Jobs like this include hair
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Using robots in the workforce is becoming more and more popular. They are already being used in the military for jobs such as bomb detection and removal, surveillance, and even bombings. The robots in the military all have one thing in common, they are all controlled by a human. Robots which can act alone are being experimented with and in some instances being used. Robots could be used for tasks such as taking orders, cleaning, building, etc. I think people shouldn’t be scared of losing their jobs to technology but they should definitely be aware that it can happen. While robots have taken some jobs, they also help bring new ones in because they need someone to repair, operate, or even transport them. Compared to foreigners I think robots are less of threat of taking a person’s job for a multiple reasons. People seem to be a little scared of what robots can do. They might prefer dealing with human interaction compared to a machine. They might not think they are reliable or smart enough. I personally think that robots should be used in roles that can be potentially be dangerous to humans. I like how they are used in the military. I think that technology’s role could expand into something like fire fighting. They could send in a robot that was heat resistant and have an attachment that had a fire extinguisher. If there are people that need to be rescued I think it would help more if a person went in though. I just think people have would have a hard time adjusting to robots that had human characteristics. Technology and foreigners are both things someone on the road to the workforce will

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