Robots: A Problem In The Workplace

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This can be positive for both the workers and the employers. It is positive for the workers because they can now things faster and they can work faster too, because all their problems are getting solved as soon as possible. This is a good thing for the employers too, because now the whole company is on the same topic and if there is a problem it can be solved right away. However this can be a negative thing for workers. They may think it’s too large of a step and that may create shyness where no one wants to talk.
This problem tags along with the tall structure problem. This is a problem because they have so many levels where so much can be misunderstood. It is a problem too, because one level up can barely reach a level of
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So this is the problems you have to deal with that come with the robots. Now Robots are made to make things perfect but they have their own slip ups like sometimes they malfunction or they have a low power source and if the power goes out and they’re not battery powered then what are you going to do since they can’t work, now you can’t make money. And on top of that you just had to lay off a ton of people that are probably not too excited about the whole situation that has occurred. Who this affects is, the workers but mainly the employers. This affects the workers, because they lose their jobs and they have no say in the whole situation and are now forced to find new jobs. This affects the employers because they have to deal with the robots mess ups and have no way around them if they can’t work so the odds of the employers making money are a hit miss scenario. The solution to this problem is that you could hire a maintenance crew to deal with all the robots mess ups and fix them so you can continue to make money. On top of that you could hire a backup crew of workers that just got laid off, so when the power goes out and the robots aren’t working you can just send in the back up crew to do work so you continue to make …show more content…
That causes confusion and nothing runs well if no one knows what they’re doing. (Philip) This affects the new employers, because they have to now either adjust to their style which would be easier or they could have everyone adjust to their leadership style which can either make the company do great or it can create even more confusion and no one ends up satisfied. This affects the employees also because they have to adjust to the new worker, because you can’t make the exact same choices as the previous

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