Robert Marzano Teacher Evaluation: Development And Development Of Professional Development

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Introduction Professional development is important to consider when becoming a teacher. There are many factors that go into describing what professional development is. To sum up what professional development is the basic definition is procuring the skills and the knowledge for career achievement. In this case it is how schools and districts are developed to give the best success rate possible. The county I am reviewing and implementing is Flagler. They use the model provided by Robert Marzano.
Professional Development Review and Description
In Flagler County Schools one major trend going on currently is inclusion. They want everyone to feel normal. ESE children are now a part of the mainstream classrooms. They just started inclusion for
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The first domain focuses on strategies and behaviors that impact the achievement of students, the second domain focuses on planning and preparing, the third domain focuses on teacher-self evaluation, and the last domain focuses on teacher collegiality and professional behavior.
The first domain focuses on “classroom strategies and behaviors that impact student achievement” (Marzano, 2013). This part of the model emphasizes what occurs in the classroom. The forty-one elements in the domain are split up into three parts: 1. Segments involving routine events, 2. Segments addressing content, and 3. Segments enacted on the spot. In segments involving routine events there is two questions: what will I do to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success and what will I do to establish and maintain classroom rules and procedures. For these two questions there are a total of five different elements that describe what is needed for classroom management and student’s behaviors. Some of the elements are having a clear learning goal and using scales, monitoring student’s progress, and maintaining a set of classroom rules and
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This is an important step for teacher development. The five elements in the domain are broken into two categories: 1. evaluating personal performance and 2. developing and implementing a professional growth plan. For evaluation personal performance there are three different elements and for developing and implementing a professional growth plan there are two different elements. For the first category the three elements are identifying specific areas of strength and weaknesses in the first domain, evaluating how effective individual lessons and units are, and evaluating how effective specific strategies and behaviors across different categories of students. For the second category the two elements are developing a written growth and development plan and monitoring progress relative to the professional growth and development

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