4 Prompts For Teachers

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In this paper the teacher candidate will be briefly discussing about the importance of each 4 prompts. The essay will explain what each prompt has in common and illustrate why all of them are necessary. Teachers must follow several core standards and ethics that you must adhere to teach. The importance of them, is to enact on all the requirements while taking all required assessments. In doing this will direct the candidate on the right path to a successful Teacher. There are several forces that impacts the assess of the teacher candidate. The 4 listed programs that are required to be access in the teaching program are the following:
National Council on Teacher Quality
NAEP Studies
A Nation at Risk
No Child Left Behind
Common Core Standards
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All schools are to obey the regulations and follow up every two years to ensure all students are passing the minimal reading and math. This program is more effective in grades 4-8 grade and usually done within a year. This is a guideline for Teachers, to help and improve the academics for all children across the board. The program has a significant impact within the community and is required for each teacher. All educator is held accountable by federal laws put in place and are mandated regulations that must be followed. In my opinion the assessment is necessary and important for excelling in any major that the candidate is attempting. Overall, the program is essential in your teaching and will demonstrates your capability to teach. The program is design for all educators as a guidance and to instruct that there are Federal law regulations and standards that must be obtained. The Common Core Standards is an accordance to The National Accreditation program that shows the criteria for Teachers. Some of the major components of the UAB School of Education Conceptual Framework are the Federal laws, National Accreditation Agency, and the State Regulations. The teacher education programs should comply with the National Accreditation because teachers could lose all their accreditation. It is the foundation and assessment that focus on vision, mission, and …show more content…
The next is the Mission that focuses on creating knowledge and supports education, and health professions that serves in a diverse world. The last assessment is the Values which are respectful, responsive, and innovative. There are conceptual framework all four themes focuses on a strategic plan designated for student candidates. They are the learner center, developmental, the Inquiry-focused, and the Standards base. The Learner center- which is a program that focuses on preparing candidates from early childhood to high school. The Developmental- is a program that’s support the professional growth and differentiation of teachers, counselors, and administrators as they progress from beginner to expert in knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Inquiry focused – is an inquiry that is active in process and has a critical process for the standards that set for teacher, faculty, and students. Standard Base- Are standards put into place for all professionals to adhere to in preparing each candidate. In my opinion all are very important to follow and should comply with the guidelines set forth. The laws are guidelines put in place for each educator to obey in each state. These Federal laws within the state guidelines are for the protection and equality in education. These laws focus on constitutional rights for educators and their

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