Essay on Ritz Hotel

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Executive Summary
This essay looks at the Ritz-Carlton hotel operations, marketing strategies and service qualities. The essay will also include the transformational process model (including inputs and outputs) like shown in the Hospitality Operations A system approach book by Ball et al. (2003), also market segmentation, differentiation and position in the market. The information was obtained from different literature such as academic journals and topic related books.

RITZ-Carlton Operations
By using the transformational process model which is shown below (input-transformation-output) will illustrate the range of operations in Ritz and how they can be described.
(The model)

Transformational process model is used to
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This is partly tangible product as it can only be stored for a short period of time as the room will perish if it is not occupied.

RITZ-Carlton’s marketing strategies
‘A marketing strategy is the means by which a marketing objective is achieved.’ (McDonald & Payne 1996, p.119) There are marketing strategy steps as described by (McDonald &Payne1996, p.132) which companies and organisations such as Ritz-Carlton hotel have to consider. They are:
1. Policies and procedures relating to the services to be offered, such as number, quality, design, branding
2. Pricing levels to be adopted, margins and discounts
3. Advertising and sales promotion – the creative approach, type of media, amount of spend, etc.
4. What emphasis will be put on the sales approach, sales training, etc.
5. What intermediaries might be used, i.e. distribution channels
6. What customer service levels will be required
7. Specification of processes used to deliver services
8. Strategic issues relating to staff.
Ritz-Carlton is looking at the quality of their services very closely to satisfy their most demanding customers – the rich. Therefore the customer service levels have to be very high, and they have to consider the processes they use to deliver high quality services. To achieve this they will be looking at the strategic issues relating to their staff. Ritz already gives their employees trainings for them

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