Ritual At The End Of Every Phone Conversation Essay

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When identifying roles and rituals of communication in my family, I would say that the example from the book about saying “I love you” at the end of every phone conversation (Adler, R.B., Rosenfeld, L.B., & Proctor, R.F. 2004. P. 317) would describe one ritual of communication from my mom. My dad on the other hand, if he is in a bad mood, it is better if you just stay out of his way, until he calms down, normally mom would take me and Jordan shopping, or out to a movie when he was mad. With my mom, me and my sister can talk to her about almost anything, whereas my dad, it’s better if we don’t talk about anything other than farming with him. The family narrative that comes to mind for me is warnings (Adler, R.B., Rosenfeld, L.B., & Proctor, R.F. 2004. P. 316) this is due to my parents being so strict on me and my sister. Mainly whenever my dad was around, with being a farmer you have landlords, and they always wanted to meet with my dad, which meant meeting the whole family. I remember every time we would have to dress up, and during the drive over to wherever we were going he would tell us about what the punishment would be if we acted up at any time during the meeting. We had to be presented as the perfect little family. The communication styles within my family origin. One would be critical listening (Adler, R.B., Rosenfeld, L.B., & Proctor, R.F. 2004. P. 208-210) with my dad, he is very critical whenever we talk to him about anything personal, which is…

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