Riordan Manufacturing Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing
Wayne D. Lewis, Kylie Guillotte, Michael Schuldaski, Robert Phelps
University of Phoenix

Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan Manufacturing owned by Riordan Industries is a Fortune 1000 company and a world leader in using polymer materials to provide solutions to major businesses in the automotive parts manufacturing industry, aircraft manufacturing and the Department of Defense. Riordan Manufacturing is dedicated to being a leader in research and development (R&D) while setting the trends within the industry by the hiring and training of qualified personnel focused on creating a strong long term relationships with customers by providing solutions that meet their needs. This focus must be maintained to ensure the
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The application is programmed in C, uses a VMS operation system and runs on a VAX4000 workstation. The plant in Georgia purchased their application from a different vendor to support their financial and accounting services. It uses UNIX as it operating system, runs on two AS400’s and is programmed in RPG400. Each office has the basic components that include order entry, procurement, payroll; bar code readers, invoice and shipping are just a few. The financial and accounting information is sent to the corporate office in a variety of different forms which could include hard copies, data files that once received need to be converted to a different format before any information can be consolidated and saved. Riordan Manufacturing understands that their financial and accounting services is unacceptable and needs to be integrated as quickly as possible. Deploying a fully integrated enterprise system is critical to the financial stability of the company achieving its financial goals.
To enhance the flow of information within the billing department and sales organization a Transaction Processing System is recommended. A Transaction processing System would allow multiple users to interact with same information with updates occurring immediately. A data warehouse could be established in which information could be sent and retrieved by corporate office as needed. Information such as inventory, sales and billing could be stored and accessed through an online system

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